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Harish Uppal, the petitioner, was a former army officer. During the 1971 Liberation War, he was stationed in Bangladesh. Due to suspicions of embezzlement and other irregularities, he was court-martialled and subsequently jailed in 1972. He was given a two-year prison sentence and was fired from the army. He attempted to have the case reviewed in court, but it was denied.

The Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules, 2021 (the "IT Rules") were subject to proposed changes by the Union Government on June 6. According to a press release from the Union Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, these changes are being suggested to help navigate through obstacles and gaps in


An alternative dispute resolution results from all such issues, which are continually looked at by the public in prosecution. It resembles a substitute for the conventional technique for settling debate and equity. An adr system mostly centres on conveying equity through common consent of the gatherings in the base time immediately, like in a suit. An adr instrument perceives four

OSA dates back to the British colonial era. It was originally called the 1889 Indian Official Secrets Act. Its main purpose was to express its opposition to the policies of the British raj that led to police raids and imprisonments for many. While Sir Carzon was in office as the Governor-General of India, the law was amended and strengthened as the 1904 Indian Official Secrets Act. A new

As a Modern Nation Country, We all are entitled to bound rights yet as duty-bound to bound duties. ‘WITHOUT RIGHTS AND DUTIES there's NO NATION’ there are some basic or elementary rights given to voters by State outlined partially III of the Constitution.

India is a democratic country governed by various rules and laws. Some of the laws that are still prevalent in India are made by the British government. One such law is IPC (Indian Penal Code,1860). Although from time to time, various amendments have been made in it. The IPC have twenty-three chapters comprising of 511 sections. The amendments brought in the punishment of the offences indicates its nature, seriousness. Moreover, the legislative


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