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The IPC provides for group liability which has two functions – to prevent people from committing crimes in groups, and to lower the burden of prosecution by having to prove actus reus and mens rea of all the participants of a crime. Otherwise, people would be motivated to

This is the age of choices. We all want to live a life on our terms and it is unproblematic if we abide by the law yet there are a few elements in our society that often find issues with what does not fit their worldview.

Sedition is the act of either causing or participating in a rebellion or uprising against the established authority of a government through speech, writing, or other forms of expression to encourage discontent, hatred, or disaffection towards the government or its policies. The term "sedition law" refers to a set of legislation that punishes speech or behaviour that is regarded

With the development of contemporary technology, it is now simpler to replicate or spread anything that was once published by another person. For example- People record movies in cinema halls and then upload them illegally on third-party websites to gain monetary profit. There are other different ways through which people misuse the content that has been originally

Legal education is a fundamental pillar in developing a competent and ethical ‘legal profession’. In India, the regulation of 'legal education' is of utmost importance to ensure that aspiring lawyers receive a quality education, meet professional standards, and contribute effectively to the legal system. To achieve this, constitutional and statutory bodies have been

Over the years, the trajectory of animal welfare and basic rights has gained immense speed in terms of reinforcing the rights of animals, including that of basic treatment with dignity. All of this has been the cornerstone of the civilised world. In India, the scope of animal rights has broadened by leaps and bounds. Starting with the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act


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