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Suicide occurs in all ages. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), not less than 700,000 persons die every year around the world, as a result of suicide. And in 2019 alone, more than one in every 100 deaths globally, was by suicide and for each person who commits suicide, twenty more have attempted suicide. For these reasons, it has been described as a worldwide epidemic that affects all regions, of which over 79% occur in low and middle-income countries. Also, suicide cases are usually underreported as a result of the stigma associated with it – only 87 countries have

Insolvency And Bankruptcy Code, 2016 was the Modi Government’s revolutionary step which was passed by the Parliament in May 2016 and by the Council of States in the same month. It aimed to develop the relationship between the debtors and the creditors. Besides, it establishes a comprehensive, time-bound solution and exit strategy for the operation of companies from going bankrupt in India. Similarly, this code gives a roadmap to the legislature for directing creditor-driven insolvency resolution. Organizations, as well as individuals both, may apply for

The counterintuitive nature of the criminalization of suicide and its incidental paradox has been a subject of interest to scholars, legislators, and governments alike. Often, the reasons advanced for the criminalization of suicide attempts by governments of the day, including but not limited to governments in middle-income and low-income areas, are punitive rather than reconciliatory and reformative. According to Merriam-Webster online dictionary, suicide is described as the act or

We live in a time that acknowledges gender neutrality. The gender-neutral movements have bought reforms in policies, languages, etc., and avoided the idea of preference towards a particular gender. Jurisdictions that have adopted gender-neutral laws include Canada, all Australian states, the Republic of Ireland, Finland, England and Wales, and the vast majority of states within the United States. However, the definition of rape in India under sections 375 and 376 of the Indian Penal Code is still biased. The section believes that females

The increase in Urbanization, Diversification, and modernization has changed the trend of the existing. Sustainable practices. The basic example is climate change which includes the Exploitation of natural resources, pollution is one of the factors which contributed to measure economic development .it has been gathered as local and global evidence that measures biodiversity loss, biochemical changes, lack of ground or freshwater availability, chemical changes in the environmental changes were meant to


In May 2022, a disease named, ‘Monkeypox’ came in news. This disease was spreading fast in various countries. ‘Monkeypox’ is a virus, a member of the Orthopoxvirus genus in the family Poxviridae. [1] It is a kind of zoonotic virus that can spread from animal to human and from human to human through close contact or direct contact. Monkeypox should not be considered similar to chicken pox, smallpox, measles, bacterial skin infections, scabies, syphilis, and other related diseases. In 1958 for the first time, Monkeypox was detected. At that time, Africa was suffering from


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