More than 264 million individuals suffer from depression. Recognized worldwide as a trusted source — It’s difficult to appreciate life while you’re depressed, especially if you’re always filled with sentiments of despair and hopelessness. Most people with depression can recover completely with treatment and support. Eating a nutritious diet and engaging in regular physical activity will help you recover faster while also boosting your overall health. Depression is not feeling down for an hour out of your day. It isn’t something to be ashamed of. It isn’t attractive. Being on the verge of crying because you dropped your glass of water is depression. It’s not having the desire to clean up the mess, but rather crying on the floor. Depression ranges from one extreme to the other; you’re either overjoyed or depressed, and you’re not sure the world will ever be the same. Depression and panic episodes can strike at any time, whether at work, in your car, or a club. Some days are great, and you nearly feel like you’ve improved. Then anything as simple as a glance or a memory might drive you into a whirl. People will inquire as to why you are crying. What’s the matter? And your only response is, “I don’t know, but it’s nothing new.”

There will be days when you wake up with dark under your eyes from the mascara you used the day before. It’s there because you didn’t have the energy the night before to remove your makeup. Everyone will assure you it will get better… and you will wish for the day when it will. On certain days, I swear I can feel the sun radiating joy through my body, while on other days, I feel nothing and everything at the same time. Depression is neither simple nor simple to overcome.

Depression isn’t confined to ‘badly raised individuals.’ You can come from a very privileged family, with parents who love you unconditionally and who provide you with anything you desire.  however horrible things can happen, leaving seed for you to bear for the rest of your .You’re free to be miserable and lazy on a cold, rainy day. It’s perfectly acceptable to stay in all day, nap, and watch Netflix. From May to September, on the other hand, you’re meant to go outside, enjoy the weather, and be joyful. Summer is meant to be the best time of your life! But what if your depression is so severe that you are unable to leave your bed? So what good would the sun be to you?

It’s difficult to remain depressed when everyone else appears to be having a good time. During the summer, you’ll probably see individuals drinking, having a good time, smiling on boats, and swimming in the ocean, This is in sharp contrast to some of my previous summer experiences, which included remaining in bed for an entire weekend and just getting out to use the restroom. Seeing folks out having fun with their buddies can make you feel bad and make you wonder why you couldn’t be doing the same thing. It’s a new level of seclusion.


Know that it’s alright to be unhappy, even if everyone else appears to be happy. As you surely already know, kicking yourself when you’re down doesn’t help, so be gentle with yourself and accept your sadness.


As difficult as it may be, try not to compare yourself to others. Everyone’s journey through life is unique! It can assist in removing extrinsic influences that lead to toxic behavior. I removed Snapchat two years ago and would never consider reinstalling it. While I was in bed, feeling like trash, I was continually bombarded with photos of my friends and acquaintances having fun. This is an example of how ignorance can be harmful.


Always remember to take care of yourself! Take some time each day to do something that makes you happy, whether it’s a bubble bath, a run, learning a new skill, or journaling. Don’t feel pressured to spend time at the beach or in the park just because it’s summer and everyone is asking you to “enjoy the weather.” Different strokes for different people! Allow yourself to be lost in the loneliness you’ve been fighting inside. You’re in pain. ACCEPT IT. Stop acting as though everything is fine for the first time. And instead of smiles, let the curve in your face be melancholy. Let everything out. If you want to swear, go ahead. It’s all right. Make yourselves miserable. You will be cured with time. After that, move on with your life. Leave the anguish to the tears you’ve already shed. Allow the memories to live on, but not the grief. Smile. Smile the way you want to be seen, without pretending or angst. It’ll be OK. Be worth fixing. Be happy. Live. Begin again.

Author’s Name: Garima Jain (Indore Institute of Law)

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