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The world is moving and it’s moving at a pace we can’t stop. The technology is at its highest, talks of flying cars and artificial intelligence have become wanted in today’s day and time, and mostly we are not able to keep tabs on it. Have you ever wondered where is all the data that you share on apps/websites such as Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube? Ever thought about how deleting a photo from your phone does not delete it from your Facebook or Instagram post? Approximately one hour of video is uploaded to YouTube every second, ever wondered where all this data go?

Cloud has been becoming a more and more popular word amongst people as technology is progressing. But what exactly is the cloud? Simply put, the cloud refers to access over the internet. If you can access some data over the internet that means it is on the cloud. For example, the photos on your smartphone can be backed up automatically to Google Drive, then even if you delete those photos from your phone, you can access them from anywhere and from anything (PC, mobile, etc.) provided you have access to the internet. The internet is the backbone of the cloud.

Cloud has many potentials and one of which is making our lives easy. There is limited storage capacity one can have on his/her device but there is no shortage of things that need to be stored, from the photos of our loved ones to the office presentations that need to be accessed from work and home devices. Cloud enables us to remotely access any of the above-stated things over the internet. Cloud has been of huge help to humanity during these pandemic times. People started working from homes and the cloud was a huge enabler. It allowed people to access their work devices remotely over the internet without becoming a hindrance. Schools were allowed to be operated via cloud Zoom meetings where students and teachers could connect to each other without thinking twice about any charges. One of the huge banes of owning any kind of mobile device was transferring data whenever one bought a new phone. Getting contacts from SIM to messages and other data from phone memory, the data transferring of the past was a huge hassle but now with the cloud, all one has to do is enable cloud backup on the device and everything gets synced with the cloud which means next time one gets a new phone, he simply needs to connect to his cloud account and all of the data from contacts to apps, everything gets transferred to the new phone. Circling back to the questions that were asked in the introduction, all the data that you share on any kind of social media gets uploaded to the cloud of that app. All the YouTube videos get uploaded on the Google Cloud. Cloud servers of are located in data centers all over the world so that end customers like you and I can easily and reliably share their data with their friends and family over the internet. All in all cloud computing is the future, and the future is here!

Author’s Name: Malvika Tiwari (Dr. B.R. Ambedkar National Law University, Sonepat)

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